One Truth

Truth for Life.

A Consistent Life

Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel had a consistent prayer life, so much so that even when his fellow government officials plotted to put him in trouble he still prayed to ask God for help. They made the king issue and ‘enforce... Continue Reading →



I love you I am yours But you You are just an afterthought You gave me birth I bear your name But I don’t need to serve On your own, you are just great And, of course, I am no... Continue Reading →

Face Facts, Believe Truth

  The fact is what you see (or perceive with your physical senses). Do not believe it. The truth is what you will see if you believe. To the world you believe what you see. But in the kingdom of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gifts

It was a Friday and two days to Christmas. I was travelling to the other side of town within Accra and the traffic was heavy. It was about 11am. What was everyone doing moving around town? Shouldn’t they be at... Continue Reading →

A Little Care

People who care Are people who share Listen and understand And lend a helping hand   The little we say The little we do For one in need Can save a life indeed   A show of love A deed... Continue Reading →

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